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Originally Posted by Unregistered
Why prime net server gives one and the same factor to more than 1 person ?
PrimeNet is designed and intended to give a factoring assignment to only one person at a time, normally. However, it sometimes has to do something about an assignment for which no progress report has been recently received.

PrimeNet sets a limit on the number of days it will wait for a progress report. If that time elapses without any progress report showing up, Primenet has to assume that the assignment is not being processed in a normal manner and needs to be reassigned to someone else. After PrimeNet reassigns a number, it sometimes will receive a (late) report of a result from the original assignee -- in that case, PrimeNet accepts the result and cancels the second assignment. This won't please the second assignee when s/he finds out, but so far no one has come up with a better way to handle this situation.

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