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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post

Very USA-centric of you.

Again "pumped" hydro, read about it.
In order:
if we each act where we are (and I was responding to a local residential solar installer earlier today, in the US midwest)...
for pumped hydro to work, there needs to be something to pump, and large reservoirs near enough laterally but at different eleveations. Western US widespread drought is cutting into that capability. I'm aware of pumped hydro as one of the most practical utility-scale energy storage methods, IF there's enough water available, and it takes huge quantities to store a GW-hour even at substantial elevation difference. There's not a lot of spare liquid water in the middle east or Africa either, and none on Antarctica. Projections are for water shortages to increase.
Consider also the fluctuations of Lake Chad

Then there's that whole bird-killing property of wind and solar-thermal power. It rains bird carcasses around the windmill towers. And smoking birds around focused-solar-boilers for steam power generation.
No adequately taught engineer escapes college without an understanding that there are always tradeoffs and limits.

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