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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Wow! How deeply you can get into ideas like relativity and time travel depends heavily on how much math you have done.
(At our Dutch universities, General Relativity is a course for students who already have a math or physics bachelor's degree!)
Partially true but not the whole story, IMAO. If you want to do original research you undoubtedly need a mathematics or physics degree and postgraduate courses.

OTH I can, and have, explained GR to 10 year old kids and give them an understanding which is markedly better than many physics graduates have achieved. Needless to say, SR is just as easy to explain.

Relativity, special and general, really isn't that difficult a subject. What is difficult is overcoming the education imposed by schools which have barely escaped the seventeenth century. That is, the mechanics established by Galileo and Newton.
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