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Originally Posted by jvang View Post
Everything is pretty equally good, so I'd say the best thing is the living area and residential life.
It sounds like you have a good system there, with different people managing the residential side and the high school side.
Having the same people in authority over you 24 hours a day would be difficult, however good they are!

Originally Posted by jvang View Post
I'm more into the maths and sciences. They do have some neat courses that aren't listed, such as a semi-serious one on time travel.
Wow! How deeply you can get into ideas like relativity and time travel depends heavily on how much math you have done.
(At our Dutch universities, General Relativity is a course for students who already have a math or physics bachelor's degree!)

Here on earth, we can think about a point in space and consider the same point a few moments later. But it isn't the same point any more - the earth has twisted on its axis, the whole earth has moved around the sun a bit further, the sun has moved within the galaxy, and so on. What's more, relativity teaches us that you can't tell the difference between staying still and moving at a constant speed in a constant direction (anything you do will have the same effect in both situations). So it doesn't actually make sense to talk about "the same point in space" at two different times at all!
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