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Default Odds of prime / expected # of primes

To all,

This might be useful for some of you...

I created the attached spreadsheet shortly after I found RPS and have been using it to determine the odds that a prime will be found within a sieved file. It also tells you about how many primes that you can expect for a sieved file and calculates the odds of finding a twin, triplet, or quadruplet. I used it to determine how large of a range to sieve for the twin and quads that I found.

You just plug in the k, base, avg. n, sieve depth, and # of candidates and it does the rest.

The base crux of the formulas came from Axn1 in a thread here at RPS. I just took it a little further to account for changes in k and base and to add the twin/triplet/quad odds calculations. (The k makes very little difference except at very low values of n.)

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