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Exclamation Attention possible llrnet server problem

Please check if your clients can contact the llrnet server at the moment.
The statistics informations says that there have not ben any results since 16:29.
This make me suspect that the llrnet server has stopped to respond.
(But not crashed as else a cron job would already have restartet it)

If there is really a problem there is nothing i can do before friday evening.

You can try to reach the beta server instead:


This server runs seven different k<1000000 for which also primes are searched.
If you do so please use an llrnet client in a differnt directory then the client running the PSP project.

If there is really a problem with the server i will set the timeout value much higher before restarting the server so that everybody can points for his work.

Sorry for the problems and i hope you come back to the project.

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