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Default Distinquishing Team from Individual accounts


I have followed the project for many years, and have often contributed computer time. Being an avid distributed computing buff, I consider GIMPS to be one of the most noble projects available. The only thing that deters me from extensive participation is the way the GIMPS project looks at teams. I understand that teams are able to form, but I feel the way a team account is handled destroys the individuality of members of the team. I believe this is a prevailing feeling for much of the wider distributed computing network, and I believe that participation in the GIMPS project could be greatly increased if there was more established team tracking system, such as that provided by some of the other distributed computing prime search projects. I understand that this migration would require a very extensive overhaul of the stats database. I would like to open a discussion with the wider GIMPS community on the advantages of such a team tracking system. I would also be willing to volunteer my time and experience in carrying out this overhaul.

Perhaps this is a discussion that has already been had, so sorry if this is a repost.

With Respect,
Shane Strate
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