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Originally Posted by mart_r View Post
Like in the example in your last post, they should both be credited. So, looks good to me (that's what the acronym stands for, right?)
Also, "maa" = maart = March, "mei" = May.
How should I mark credit for the pair in allgaps.sql?
We currently have a 8 letter discoverer for each row. And I think it would be silly to create a new 'discoverer' for each pair (as some pairs have only a single discoverer together)

Imagining that RobSmith and I worked together on some MEGAGAPS would these be
1 'RobSmith -, SethTroisi +'
2. 'RobSmith&S.Troisi'
3. 'RobSmith,S.Troisi'
4. 'RobSmith S.Troisi'
5. 'RobSmith and S.Troisi'
6. 'RobSmith working together productively with S.Troisi for the finding of megagaps'

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