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Something I've been wanting to ask years ago: there are still a couple of gaps from Patrick DeGeest's project (largest/smallest PRPs with d digits, also called "border PRPs") that are not included in the GitHub lists. I don't know whether someone is in contact with him to ask for inclusion of those gaps, or to include them anyway from the openly accessible data (I could make a list if need be), or to let it be anyone's concern...

I worked on this. 5 improvements and 3290 new records with gaps (121138 to 1682776).

Can someone validate I understand the discoverer line?
"PDG (- 8 maa 2016) | ET (+ 10/2012 vb PDG 6 nov 2012)"

I take this to mean that PDG (Patrick De Geest) found the lower prime on 8th march(?) (may?) 2016 and ET (Edward Trice) found the next prime 10/2012 and it was verified by PDG 6th nov 2012.

if next and previous discoverer are the same person it's obvious what to do (use their name at the later date). Any suggestions for how to credit it when the record was found by two people?
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