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Thanks for the helpful replies!

I do not pay the electric bill for these machines, but I only get them when no one else is logged on and they haven't been taken offline (e.g. winter maintenance). Otherwise "worth it" reignites the "usefulness" conversation; I'll stay out of it. But Gordon, wow from those numbers, it seems like hunting on GPUs is cheaper than on CPUs both in upfront cost and marginal cost. Is that conclusion correct?

I've set CUDALucas up on one machine for double checks. Currently getting 29.60ms/iter on a 56M exponent. Task Manager says it's only using 10% of the GPU capacity, but perhaps that calculation is similar to how Prime95 only uses 50% due to hyperthreading. Does that sound about right?

I'm working my way through kriesel's documentation. There is a lot to unpack! My next goal is to set up MISFIT per Uncwilly's suggestion. Automating assignment requests and result submission is really important so I can avoid juggling manual requests.

Thanks again, and Happy New Year!
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