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Tying up a loose end from post #2:
[QUOTE=LaurV;368129]We may also move Bf2, but this is weaker from two points: it does not defend the pawns, and it blocks the rook.[/QUOTE]My suggestion in post #1 was [B]22 Rf2[/B]. I never intended to suggest moving our B/e3 to f2 instead of d2. I think Bf2 would have no good purpose.

Rf2 would maintain pressure on the f-file while also (a) making way for 23 Bf1 to attack the c4-pawn, (b) making way for possible future rook-doubling on the f-file after B/f1 moves or if B isn't placed on f1, (c) preparing a possible future protection of our b2-pawn after our B/d2 moves and/or (d) preparing a possible future transfer of that rook/f2 over to the queen-side after our B/d2 moves.

The main disadvantage I see of Rf2 is that we must not forget about the possibility that Black might get his dark-square bishop to make a pin on e3 if our N/d1 and B/d2 have gone off on queen-side adventures.

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Since we've each expressed our opinion that [B]22 Bd2[/B] is best, is there any reason not to post it today? Anyone need more time for analysis?

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