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Originally posted by crash893
i know very little about linux in general but i was wondering if some one could explian the two diffrent linux versions

dynamically linked
and the
static linked
Static linked binaries contain everything they need to run within the binary. Dynamically linked binaries are smaller, and depend on some functions to be availiable in external libraries. If the libraries are not availiable, or are too old, mprime will not run. The current version only link to libc (standard C library) and libm (standard math library).

The advantages of a dynamically linked binary is that it
o is smaller
o may share library functions with other programs (conserves memory)
o will take advantage of optimized libraries where availiable, and your Linux distro almost certainly provide optimized libc and libm for your platform.

A statically linked binary
o may load faster, becuase you don't have to look for libraries. But it's bigger too, so your mileage may vary.
o can run even if the required libraries are not availiable, i.e. if you are running on an ancient distro.


is one better than the other or are they ment for two diffrent versions of linux
Use the dynamically linked version if it works. The main advantage beeing optimized libc and libm. The static version will save you if mprime complains about not finding some library.

how do they compare in speed to a windows based prime95
I have no idea.. I have two very old Windows machines doing trial factoring somewhere. The rest, more than two hundred, run Linux or some other operating system.
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