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Yup, Tiger Lake is mobile only. Now that it has gone to non-inclusive cache, the combined L2+L3 of 4.25MB/core compares close with desktop Zen 2's 4.5MB/core (max core config). Hopefully this is kept up as future higher core count variations are produced.

On the desktop side, Intel have said that Alder Lake will come to both desktop and mobile 2H 2021. They will have an even newer Golden Cove core, with whatever that brings. It'll also be a hybrid (big/little) CPU, but based on leaks/rumours so far, the big core counts that we're likely most interested in go up to 8. It wont keep up in compute density for those around here, but it should be ok for the mainstream. No news on HEDT that I've heard, but with Ice Lake SP due this year hopefully they'll be able to offer something based on that.

There is still the open question as to if Rocket Lake will happen (desktop successor to Comet Lake), which rumours pointed to a Willow Cove backport to 14nm. The release window for such a product seems rather tight if Alder Lake is on time.
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