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Originally Posted by TTn
The right is given to defend against such actions, not to preclude it. Why would I disclose the exact reference to the enemy anyway. That would be a tactical disadvantage.
I am not a lawyer, but this is my understanding of the law that seems to apply.

You seem to misinterpret my statement. I have stated that there is a remote possibility that you have certain rights. However, without clearly stating the nature of your claimed right, and providing evidence demonstrating the granting of the right, your claim is without merit and should be ignored.

For example, I might tell you that you have no right to enter either lot 873 or lot 874 in the subdivision where I live. If you were to research the situation, you would find that I have no more right to make the claim with respect to lot 874 than I have to claim that you must pay me a toll to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.

However, even though I do have the right to exclude you from lot 873, I cannot do so without also providing you with the legal theory under which I make that claim and, in most cases, reference to the legal documents which establish the grant.

Thus far, you have make extremely general claims that I have no right to continue the project. However, I have stated that (1) you have not presented any specific claim that grants you the authority to preclude me from doing so. (2) Further, if your claim is based on copyright, I fail to see any reasonable argument that would satisfy (1) above.

Thus, if you wish to actually make a claim, it is incumbent upon you to provide the legal theory under which you make your claim. Otherwise, I have not been placed "on notice", in a legal sense, and cannot be responsible for any alleged harm which you perceive.

Only after you have provided such "notice", and provided that I continue to infringe on your rights, can I cause you any "damage".

So, "put up, or shut up". Until you do so, I think that everyone has the right to simply ignore you.
But, if they are concerned, they should consult a legal professional to help them ascertain their actual rights.

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