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Originally Posted by a1call View Post
I am looking for a partner/team to try and find a billion digits prime for the EFF prize.
I am certain that it can be done using the formula and the proof that all outputs within a range are guaranteed to be primes that I have developed but have not published yet.
The computation does not involve any primality tests since all outputs within the range are primes but some variables will need to be fine tuned to make the output within the range.
My email address is overwhelmed so the best way to communicate would be to post to this thread.

Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.
There are too many people who claim to be able to generate primes of any size, because of the prizes. A decade ago, other people claimed that they could factorize a number of 1000 digits, or so, thus trying to get the money from the RSA challenge.

So if you think that your algorithm always generate huge primes, you should post the algorithm in order to be analyzed. There are some people in this forum that can check very quickly whether you are losing your time or you have something that hundreds of number theorists have not found in centuries.
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