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2 port KVM switch are very inexpensive (6 upwards starts to get silly money). Various budget manufacturers including Belkin. Available at your local PC superstore.

An alternative is get a monitor with TWO inputs eg DVI and VGA dsub and use the monitor controls to switch between.

Alternatively you could use some kind of remote desktop software.
eg PC anywhere, Xwindows session over SSH. But these need some form of connection eg serial, parallel or net which may compromise your net/nonet security.

Of get an additional cheap 15" or 17" CRT monitor as these are going cheap now that people like TFT flatscreens, particularly on the second hand market, maybe even free!

A KVM switch is nice I have a four port on on my machines. However, in honesty there are big advantages to TWO screens. Let's say you want to read something on one machine and type it in another. Two side by side is much more easy than keep switching. That is why a two REAL screen setup is cool. But keep one switched off most of the time to conserve power. The best is two real screens, also with a common drive (net or NAS or shared). This means you have two ways of looking at docs on the same disk.
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