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On the FermatNumbers list at yahoo:
Takahiro Nohara and I have posted ranges for n=29, 30, 31, and 50 that we are currently searching. Maybe until Leonid gets his website current again, could we start a thread here for people to reserve ranges that they want to search? I would assume that most of the ranges reserved on Leonid's site have been searched by now, but maybe people who have searched beyond that could let us know what they are working on, or what they would like to work on so that we can continue the factoring on Fermat numbers without duplicating effort. It would be nice to see some progress in this area, but I think many people have held off working on it, not knowing what the current status is.

Phil Moore
searched: n=29, k=60e12 to 90e12
working on: n=29, k=90e12 to k=100e12

Takahiro Nohara:
working on: n=30, k=75e12 to 150e12
n=31, k=100e12 to 150e12
and n=50, k=10e12 to 30e12

Leonid's program is excellent, but you might want to check out Mark Grogue's factoring program also.
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