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Originally Posted by Cruelty View Post
Is there any performance gain from running Prime95 with increased priority? If not, then why bother?
Ideally it's supposed to be no, but for me it's always been a very definite yes.

Originally Posted by retina View Post
It would seem you don't run any multi-threaded apps.
Yes that's pretty true.

Originally Posted by retina View Post
So basically you are dedicating one core to P95 and forcing all other apps to run on the other core. For sure a simple word processing program probably won't use multi-threads to run a macro so you don't notice any performance hit because the processor that is being shared has P95 at priority 1. But, for other users that use different (multi-threaded) apps, it is important not to mess with their priorities else they might get annoyed with P95 for "stealing" one core.
While on the computer, I keep one copy running at priority 1. I can't imagine why I'd see a performance hit this way, considering when anyone is on a single core computer with prime95 running at priority 1 they don't notice a performance hit. (Unless they do and it's minimal enough that they don't mention it.) I figure any performance hit they get would be just about the same as they would take on a dual core running at least one copy at priority 1.

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