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As the above post hinted at, we are transitioning to doing PRP as the primary test to to find primes (it used to be the LL test). So, all first time checks should be PRP tests. The PRP test has 2 main advantages. 1 is superior error checking during the test to catch errors during a test. This prevents a whole test from becoming wasted by an error. The second is a new technique that currently being worked on and will soon be deployed that will allow us to eliminate a full double check of every test. Instead once it is deployed, the PRP test will generate a file, that can be processed to verify the result and accuracy of the test in a small fraction of the time.

Currently all first time tests being assigned are higher than the previous record, and would be eligible for the $3K prize. So the "world record" assignments are currently the same as the "first test" assignments.
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