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Originally Posted by alfamath1004 View Post
Hi, could anyone please tell me which of the following assignments give the possibility to win the $3,000 prize? or the $50,000 prize?

LL - LL first test
LL-WR- LL test for world record
LL-100M- LL test 100+ million digits
PRP - PRP first test
PRP-WR- PRP test for world record
PRP-100M- PRP test 100+ million digits
I know the question has been already asked many times, but I didn't find a precise answer. Thank you
$3K possible but unlikely for PRP, PRP-WR, LL, LL-WR.
$50K possible but very unlikely for PRP-100M. LL-100M also but not recommended because of the likelihood of an error i n the long computation.
The most likely outcome is losing money if accounting for the cost of electricity to run the computations and prorated cost of hardware to run it on. It's much worse economically (before taxes) than buying lottery tickets. I compute the cost of a 100Mdigit primality test as $35 for a well chosen gpu and software and electricity at $0.12/kwhr, and the chance of it finding a prime less than 1 in 6 million, so the probability weighted payback on that $35. spent is $0.0083, so a return of 0.036% . Lotteries typically return 60.-70.%, nearly 1800 TIMES better payback, and still a losing proposition. Do GIMPS runs for fun, not profit.

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