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Default What assignments to win money???

Hi, could anyone please tell me which of the following assignments give the possibility to win the $3,000 prize? or the $50,000 prize?

LL - LL first test
LL-WR- LL test for world record
LL-100M- LL test 100+ milion digits
D - LL double-check
PRP - PRP first test
PRP-WR- PRP test for world record
PRP-100M- PRP test 100+ milion digits
PRP-D - PRP double-check
TF - trial factoring
TF-LMH - trial factoring LMH
PM1-L - factor P-1 large
PRP-CF - PRP cofactor test
PRP-CF-D - PRP cofactor double-check
ECM - factor ECM small
ECM-CF - ECM cofactor
ECM-F - factor ECM Fermat

I know the question has been already asked many times, but I didn't find a precise answer. Thank you
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