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In addition to the previous posts:

'Normal' P-III (500-1130 MHz, 0.18u process) draw about 7A in stop-grant/sleep/deepsleep mode and 10 (500 MHz) to 20 (1130MHz) Amperes under load. Core Voltage is about 1.6 to 1.75 V

That means:

Compared to idle-mode, for a 500 MHz P-III you can expect about 5 W more with prime95. A 1 GHz P-III should draw about 22 additional watt.

So if you borg a typical office system running 8/5, the figures add up to:

P-III 500: About 8KWh extra/year --> 0.8$
P-III 1000: About 45 KWh extra / year --> 4.5$

If you run a P-IV 3060 24/7 you get about 525KWh extra --> about 50$/year extra.

All numbers compared to idle excluding other system components.
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