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Question Kindly clarify.

Originally Posted by troels munkner View Post
Dear Malcolm,
Thanks for your replies to other mathematicians and to me.
I have used +1 as the centre for all primes and prime products, and it
has a number of advantages.
Troels Please clarify this statement. If you put +1 as the centre on the number line does this be like zero on the normal number line? For instance how would you place the prime 7 on this line? Will it be 6 units away from the centre 1 ? or what ?

What most have been confused about is what are the factors of 6.?
We know in real numbers that these are 2 x 3. If you dont include these as prime factors according to your definition, as 2 is an even number and 3 is divisible by 3, and these you call 'never primes', then what would you just call them ?

[QUOTE =Troels} I am not drowning. I will in fact consider to reflect to the many harsh replies,
which I have received (directly or indirerctly), but maybe it is not worth
the effort. A famous citation from Schiller's Jeanne d'Arc comes to my mind

You have mistaken my sentence which I clarified to Mike also. I have not meant that YOU are a drowning man but I can only offer you as much as a drowning man would feel if I threw him a straw. In simple words ' I cannot offer much help in your theory'.

I will however endeavour to bring out what you mean and put it more coherently for others to understand


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