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Originally Posted by troels munkner View Post
Dear Malcolm,
Thanks for your replies to other mathematicians and to me.
I have used +1 as the centre for all primes and prime products, and it
has a number of advantages.
The expression ((6*M)+1) comprises all primes and prime products,
M being any or all of the natural numbers from - infinity to + infinity.
((6*(-39)+1) = -233, which┬┤is a prime
((6*(+39)+1) = 235, which is a prime product.

A prime product such as ((6*M)+1) * ((6*N)+1) = 36 (NM) + 6*(M+N) + 1
is an integer, which will never be divisible by 2 or 3. Conclusion: 2 and 3
could be called anything but "primes".

I must confess to a personal failing.

I do not understandand how people can be so totally clueless as
to spew the kind of nonsense that has been spewed by this troll.

The sad part is that he isn't even aware of how totally clueless
his posts have been.
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