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If one of the fans stops, then it is near the end of its lifetime. Just like any fan (even the old airplane propeller) - do help it to start again by flicking it in its intended direction (may need more than one help). But it won't last very long, maybe days, maybe months. Usually it is best to replace all of them, because its siblings are also months away.

You should take a photo rather than taking down what is written on the label. (some assemblies are such that the label faces inside. Some have the tech label replaced by a branded one.) Also the photo will help you disambiguate which replacement fans to buy; there are some identical fans with the only difference that they have 2-, 3-, 4- wire control (the weirdest thing is that the 3rd and 4th wire are simply ...not soldered in as not needed for a particular model of its controller).
To avoid any circuit damage, I removed it. I had a 750Ti in its box so I put it into the machine. All that was really required was an HDMI port, which it does. Tomorrow, when the light is better, I will remove the fan assembly from the 2080 again. This time, I will photo-document the fan stickers. I am not sure what holds them in place. They appear to be simply pressed into the cover.

There are sometimes subtle differences from different manufacturers. In this case, it is Zotac. Despite its like-new appearance, I am sure it was ran aggressively by its previous owner. Probably gaming, or maybe crypto-mining. Either way, it has performed excellently for me. I have been quite satisfied with it.
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