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I found the vibration had returned this morning, but to a lesser degree. With everything running, I very lightly pressed on the center hub of each fan, with the assistance of a round mirror and a flashlight. The center fan produced a buzzing sound when I removed my finger for just about one second then stopped. The other two did not do this.

When I had the fan assembly off yesterday, I notice a sticker on the back of each fan, but like a dumb**s, I failed to write anything down. Disabling the fan profile in Afterburner allows the fans to run as they would without intervention. At 45%, I do not hear or feel anything. I know the fan will eventually fail, so now it the time to start shopping for a replacement on the web before I does fail. I fear it might seize and damage some of the circuitry. So, I will stop using it until I can remedy the situation. At warm idle, the core stays at 30°C, more or less.The fan speeds drop below 30%.

If anyone thinks I should remove it completely, please reply...
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