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I opened the case as I had planned. Other than some clogging of the air intake holes behind the front cover, the was not much dust inside.

I removed the GPU completely, then removed the fan assembly. I wanted to be able to clean both sides of the fan blades with an old toothbrush, including the leading edges. There was little in the heat-sink below the fans. I reassembled everything and started the machine. It started without difficulty.

I use Afterburner to control the power and fans. I generally keep the power set to 90% of capacity. I use a custom fan profile also. I have it set to elevate the fan speed slightly. Before the cleaning, I could feel a slight and brief vibration as I cycled the profile on and off. After the cleaning, I repeated the switching of the fan profile on and off again. There was no vibration of any kind.

So, it may have been the cleaning and/or the removal and re-seating of the GPU. Either way, the result was successful.

I thank each of you for your insights.

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