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Ryzen processors have a really good price/performance ratio, but also higher L3 cache size, which AFAIK results in better speeds in Prime95, because whole FFT data can stay in fast processor cache, instead of wandering back and forth into the slower RAM. (If I am wrong, somebody, please, correct me on this). Especially 3900X is great with its 64 MB of L3 cache that can contain one test up to ~120M exponent size.

But if you want to build your computer year from now, I would certainly go for Ryzen 4000 that will launch in Fall. Go for the top model in the not-yet-Threadripper line. I have done some calculations that result in 3900X having the best performance per watt and cost, compared to TR 3970X and TR 3990X. However, I didn't do the performance tests myself to get the numbers, so I just guesstimated the wattage on the Threadrippers.
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