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Might you be confusing the matrix-which-reduces-the-basis (which is what qflll() in Pari outputs) with the reduced basis?
It appears that I was confusing the rows & columns of the matrix, I was running it like this in Pari:

(22:53) gp > x = [-110, 1;249, 1]
%15 =
[-110 1]
[ 249 1]

(22:53) gp > x=x*qflll(x)
%16 =
[1 -180]
[1  179]
which explains why I thought it was right. The current commit works now :)

Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
(1) What is the "L"? Is it a language syntax artifact?
Yes, it's more of an artifact in python. L is appended when the number is represented as a bignum. It gets printed out when the number is not printed directly, e.g. though an array: print [a,b]

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