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Originally Posted by paul0 View Post

I have code that tries to generate lattice points of a special-q:

However, norms of points it generates through the reduced basis are not divisible by q. I've checked that the reduction is correct through Pari. This is the output:
[CODE]r is a root of f() mod q
basis: [[-110, 1], [249, 1]]
reduced basis: [[1, -180L], [1, 179L]]

(0) You should set your initial basis to have determinant equal to q, not -q. [-359 in your case]

(1) What is the "L"? Is it a language syntax artifact?

(2) You do not have a reduced basis. I get [29 3] [23 -10]. (or [6 13] [23 -10])

How did you get [1,-180][1,179]? Its determinant is +359.
You changed signs during your basis reduction......

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