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Default Intel 6 core Gulftown memory saturation

I guess I'll fire the first salvo on gulftown and ask for comments on possible memory saturation running prime95 on all 6 cores. I don't fully understand all the bandwidth numbers, so I'm throwing this out to the group.

I do, however, have one practical data point from my i7 920. For the first few days operating my i7 I had a dead memory slot on the motherboard. Interestingly, after I switched out the motherboard and verified all three memory channels were working, I didn't really notice any improvement in performance. Some users commented on i7 bandwidth and seemed to indicate that 2 memory channels could just handle the bandwidth of the 4 cores. If this still holds, then it would appear that three memory channels should be able to handle the 6 cores.

I'd be interested in numbers for stock 1066 memory, as well as how bandwidth scales when overclocking (we gotta overclock this thing).
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