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Default Top priority for temporary LLRnet port 8000

IronBits has created a temporary LLRnet server to process the n-range of 425K-437K for drive 3 to fill in a large gap in testing. We'd like to get this range filled in as quickly as possible. This is a potent range with low k-values and no known primes.

If you are currently running port 5000 or would like to otherwise assist, I'd like to suggest a change over to port 8000 for a while until the server is dried. The server info. to put in the llr-clientconfig.txt file is:

server =
port = 8000

Everthing else should be the same.

Since this is only a temporary server, after all k/n pairs have been processed, it will go away unless it is needed to fill in 'holes' somewhere else.

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