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Default Sieving k=300-400 status and individual-k searches

k=300-400 will be done sieving for n=600K-1M by ~April 1st.

Some of you may have wondered about individual-k reservations like we mentioned in our initial project definition. To keep things a little simpler for scoring purposes, we have intentionally maintained the current file reservations process. But when the k=300-400 sieve is done, we will start taking some reservations for individual k's for n>600K and providing sieved files for them. For any k=300-400 "presumably" already contiguously searched to n=600K by others, we'll start doing some searching on those individual k's above n=600K.

7 k's currently fit the criteria. There are also many more that were previously searched up to n=300K and from n=480K-600K. So once we reach n=480K on drive 3 to effectively fill the gaps in them, we'll also open those k's up for individual reservations above n=600K if people enjoy searching them in that manner.

Keep in mind that we won't stop searching these k's up to n=600K in drive 3. We still want that partial double-checking to be done.

This should add a little variety to our standard methods here and get us a nice score boost on the top-5000 site whenever a prime is found. I don't want things to become too stale. As Anon said, variety is the spice of life.


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