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It is now official. k=400-1001 for n=320K-340K is complete and verified!

NPLB found a total of 49 new primes and verified 9 others for a total of 58 primes.

Karsten, I have double-checked your rieselprime site, the NPLB pages for team drives 1 and 2, and the top-5000 site against primes in all the results files that I have. All primes are listed and are correct. I also double-checked my listings in the first post of each drive. 1 prime that was missing is now listed.

I was only missing results files for 4 out of 100 n=200 ranges! Very nice job in sending them everyone!! I messed up on 2 of them and didn't get them pulled from a web link and the person no longer had them available. I should be getting the other 2 this weekend.

I will start listing the primes and completing the ranges on Primesearch tonight.

Great work everyone. Let's keep it going!

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