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A few tips.

1) Posting questions of this sort to the nfsnet-l mailing list is more likely to get a reply.

2) We use GMT. Right now, your local time (EDT) is GMT-0400.

3) Our records are indexed by the GUID for the processor. If you provide that, it is much easier to locate the data about your machine

4) The first assignment shown on your posting is safely in the server's database

Archives/03224/2_757M_2/R8C3425C20A87P0/U03224024538##COMPLETED 36346 36350

5) Your machine is reported in the stats
dsouza123 0021 R8C3425C20A87 0.1 100 09 Aug 2003 10 Aug 2003

6) Stats are updated daily. This particular work will not show up until this evening.

-- Richard
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