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Default Re: CPU ID Not Found - Transmeta CPU

Originally Posted by Paulie

I have a TM5600 CPU (an RLX Server Blade) that I installed the client on. The LiveSiever reports that it doesn't know the CPU type, and doesn't know about the cache.

Some info: (My specific CPU)

Developer Info:

Would this be something that can be added to the client? Also, what kind of hit am I taking with an unknown CPU type?

Thanks so much!

Thanks for the pointers. I will see whether there is enough information there for me to be able to change the siever to make optimal use of your cpu's caches.

The hit should be quite small. The code in question tries to work out how big the L1 and L2 caches are and then arrange the sieving in appropriately sized chunks so that cache hits are maximised. The default is conservatively sized and so if the caches are bigger than the default you will take a performance hit. Observation has shown that it's generally quite small, on the order of a few percent.

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