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Here is the complete list of "trial-factored but not-LL-tested or currently assigned by Primenet" exponents less than M39. Nothing alarming here. On the other hand, if there was a "missing" exponent somewhere well behind the current leading edge of double-checks, it would be time for conspiracy theories.

Actually, 12495941 has already been tested (by user Amperio) and (hopefully) successfully DCed by me. I grabbed that exponent a while ago, immediately after it had expired, but some days later it was removed from my worktodo.ini and was no longer assigned to me on the Primenet status.txt report. I suppose that the original owner finished the test, and, because I had not yet reported any work, Primenet unassigned it. As I had already started working, I kept on crunching and then sent the result by email to George so he could credit it as an early DC. Hopefully, in the next release of lucas_v.txt we will see it...
The hrf3.txt file from the 21st of September has the exponent. It had expired a couple of days before.
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