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Originally Posted by Jayder View Post
LaurV's post seems very out of the blue.
That may be so, sorry for doing it. At the time I did it, it didn't look so odd. Some supermod can split the thread, although I don't believe that the title of the thread will stay as it is now for long time, considering the habit and ability of the threads in these forums the morph into new things.

Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
Let me see. So a bearded lady (a blast from the 19th century circus acts) definitely shows that the idiots from eurovision were destroyed. Not.
Hm... You also might be right. I didn't say "for ever", the mother of idiots is always pregnant. Talking about Rybak, this is what he says about the bearded lady on May 10 (proving he IS a good guy, even if I don't agree with him, and it seems Serge does not agree with him too, but well, we are not musicians, and for me the world is more in black and white, and I am not exactly a pacifier, that is why I am not famous )

So, Alexander posted on his facebook page, on May 10:

Originally Posted by Alexander Rybak
"Say what you want about CONCHITA WURST, but her voice is unique. Just like when Michael Jackson did his operations, and created this "no other white man can sing like this"-phenomenon. Now I see a lady (although with beard), but still her lovely grace has a genius mix with masculine power that only a person with male genetics can possess. I know it probably started as a statement, but now it has become something truly unique in the music business. I hope I'm not the only one in Europe who thinks like this tonight. But of courses, I'm mostly curious about who is YOUR favorite tonight? Mine is Netherland, by far!!! And I'm extra happy that the ESC audience seems to like it as well. "
Now let's split the thread in 3, so naysayers will cry with envy
About eurovision: I was following chappy's link to "last week tonight" in the "warming" thread. And from there, I could not resist to look to John Oliver's opinion about eurovision. This guy is good too! (in spite of the fact we disagree about the climate change, he is good!) I didn't know about him, but I will watch his "weeks" from now on. Thanks chappy for sharing it. Here is the story. If you click "play", then please watch it to the end, it is worth all the money.

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