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Originally Posted by Dougy View Post
There'd also be some others. For example if (a,b)=(3,1) and p(k) is odd, then p(k+1)=3*p(k)+1 is even. Lehmer didn't explain this very well... hmm...
I suppose something similar happens anytime there exists an N for which a=1 mod N and b is coprime to N. Working modulo N, p(k)=p(0)+kb mod N, so you'll always get something divisible by N when k=p(0)*b^-1. I feel like there should be a few more ways you can "trivially" guarantee a factor of N in a bounded number of steps if a,b, and N satisfy certain relations, but I'm not prepared to take that on or look up the reference since it's close to 6am local time.
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