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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
Mini Drive 1b 38K-40K

68232896 38780 68232896*3^38780+1 is 3-PRP! (21.8944s+0.0009s)
72086978 38982 72086978*3^38982+1 is 3-PRP! (23.6047s+0.0011s)
76479688 39859 76479688*3^39859+1 is 3-PRP! (20.0494s+0.0011s)
98486582 39962 98486582*3^39962+1 is 3-PRP! (24.3015s+0.0009s)

4 primes found with phrot 0.51 proven with PFGW

Results emailed
Hmm...did you forget to run PFGW with the -t option when proving your primes? Because your results only say that your primes are 3-PRP, not proven prime. (3-PRP is, actually, the same thing thing that LLR does on these kinds of numbers.)

I re-ran PFGW on these with the -t command line switch so that it actually proves them prime instead of just doing a PRP test as is the default:
68232896*3^38780+1 is prime! (26.7541s+0.0091s)
72086978*3^38982+1 is prime! (27.0359s+0.0039s)
76479688*3^39859+1 is prime! (27.9304s+0.0026s)
98486582*3^39962+1 is prime! (27.5949s+0.0029s)

(Note: If you're using PFGW to prove Riesel primes, such as those in the Riesel base 3 mini-drive, you'll need to use the -tp command line switch in place of -t.)
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