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Originally Posted by thorken View Post
Let's see colleague who is very good at insulting you without even being able to execute the application given your extensive experience. You say my program reads numbers from somewhere? Finally apprentice magician is very good insult without having much idea of ​​programming so it seems, make your an app for Movil that calculates numbers of Mersenne, here you are making comparisons with i7 and the cpu of a mobile. This program is for mobile and is the fastest on Android, the only one I've seen is a Google Play apk and it's very slow, this one is much faster and I'm talking about Android and mobile cpus, prime95 in AtoM n270 It is slower than this app in a GT-I9195. Greetings.
They were just saying that's one possible way some program without source given could be both fast and accurate to what's already known. As shown a interpretted script can run faster. Also I got that lucas Lehmer app you talked about, when it takes 27-28 seconds for 12711 then yes many programs could run faster. that's why coders use asymptotics.

Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
What exponents are those timings for, and on what compute hardware?
same exponents as OP, on the only working hardware I have at last check an android phone. I think it has a snapdragon processor, and PARIdroid was edit2: seems my PARIdroid thinks they aren't prime though...
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