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Yes, I was thinking the same, your older version was with Ne6 Bb3, and following the same logic, Ne4 Bc2 seems even better, because we link (defend) the rook from their king, and also the c2 is better for the bishop than b3, as they can't attack both the pawn and bishop with the horse. Also, in c2, the bishop guards our pawns when they will go toward transformation.

In fact, I think that their move was meant to block Kh4. Remark that we can't advance the king to h4 now, because after Bg5, Kg4 (we can't capture the pawn, the horse defends the pawn/bishop, so Rxg5 is bad now), then Nf6! and black stays quite good on that side, actually that will go fast to a draw). So, maybe they expect us to fall into this trap.

What we can do now, is either go back with the king to g2, and we just wasted the move (hehe :razz: told ye!), or we move the king directly to g4, cutting a move: after Nf6 we go Kf5 and we are very good again.

So, our alternatives (beside of playing stupid moves with the rook or the bishop) are:

Kg2 (wasted the last move, but still good)
Kg4 - one of the best
Bc2 - one of the best
Bb3 - not bad, we still can follow the former analysis, they can't do much
Be2/Bf3 - hm...

I will try to do a comparison tomorrow between Bc2 and Kg4, just to make sure we don't fall in any stupid trap (like an eternal check or something, one more reason why I didn't like the king cornered on h3), and then we can move Bc2 (assuming you keep it too).
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