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I forgot that just as soon as Black plays [U]either[/U] 22 ... Nc8 [U]or[/U] [B]22 ... Nd5[/B], his N/c6 has only one defender. In the latter case, his N/d5 is the shield not only for his N/c6, but also for his R/b7.

(Well, at least I included the qualifier.)

- - -

So, is
[b]21 ... Bc8[/b]
now the main line?[/QUOTE]

At first glace one would think so but it is probably the worst since we get to keep our knight on c5 hindering all of Black's movement on queen's side leading to a capture of the c4 pawn after 22. Bd2 , 23. Ne3 , 24. Nxc4 and a possinle folloe up with 25. Nd6
They also lose the pawn with 21... Bc8 22. Bd2 h5 23. Ne3 Bh6 24. Nxc4 Bxd2 25. Nxd2
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