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[QUOTE=cheesehead;364352]So, the Geckos have deterred our Ng5 adventures with 17 ... h6, which I seem not to have explored yet.[/QUOTE]
It seems they were quite afraid of us putting that horse on g5, but I think this reply h6 was a weak move [edit: i.e. it wasn;t really a "miss" from the former analysis, it is just not so strong a move!). Indeed Nd2-Ne4-[B]Nc5[/B] is a very strong path for white now, and black can not do too much right now to forbid this. I am going to study few different variants this afternoon (is Sunday noon here). For example, Rb1 seems a very interesting variant (can we make a free pawn there? or two? hehe), and also pushing a4 is not totally out of the books. With Rb1 we counter their a4 (after Rb1, a4, Nd2, Na5, Ne4, their side looks not so good anymore), and with Rc1 we counter Nd5. They still can push a4/b4 which is weaker now. And how about g4? (this cuts out Nf5, but makes our king side weaker if thy continue to push the pawns, we have to exchange).

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