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Default How do I "override" the P4 effective equivalent or CPU rolling average

About twice a year a standard Windows upgrade / restart of my i5-750 decides to reset my BIOS and overrides the OC'ing I had.

In doing so it resets the above numbers in my Computer properties.
Normally that would not matter much except that for some reason PrimNet does not go a good job estimating the P4 Effective equivalent on this PC; on some of my others it does much better.

If I OC to 3.2 it starts the P4 Effective equivalent at about 4 and the CPU Rolling Average to 100%.
However it is really closer to 12 (and 320%)... at least those are the numbers it eventually ( several weeks later) settles on.

The issues with this is that is the number used to compute the expected completion dates. This PC takes about 24 days for a 50M LL test but this initial estimate after such a CPU reset is closer to 90 days.

And before I set the unreserve days much higher it was dropping assignments based on this new (but much too low) estimate.

Is there any way other than artificially setting the Clock Speed in Local.txt to something silly like 12000 to get this number more reasonable quicker?

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