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Moomooo and pacionet, just for curiosity, what is the sieving depth, and how many of the 208 G candidates, is left? At the moment, I've just calculated, that there is 348 years of P4 2.553 GHz of computation left on n=333,333, but of course it will be lover since sieving is still going strong, and since we shouldn't expect to go all the 100 G through before a twin is found... again it is only out of curiosity, and I'm not going to offer any sieving help, since I'm busy trying to find primes with LLR at primegrid, since my computer is now again healthy though it has had its ram reduced to the half



Ps. I lost track of the thread currently about sieving n=500,000 that's why I asked here in this thread :)
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