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Originally Posted by Thomas11 View Post
As VBCurtis already mentioned: The difference is quite small and is just the typical fluctuation in the distribution of surviving exponents after sieving.
I've checked some exponents and all seems OK except k=5.

  51323 1M/t17_b2_k5.npg
  48098 2M/t17_b2_k5.npg
  45757 3M/t17_b2_k5.npg
  34694 4M/t17_b2_k5.npg
  34752 5M/t17_b2_k5.npg
  34774 6M/t17_b2_k5.npg
Why so much difference between 1M-3M and 4M-6M ranges? Usually difference no more than 5-7%. For example, for k=33:

  45919 1M/t17_b2_k33.npg
  46129 2M/t17_b2_k33.npg
  46271 3M/t17_b2_k33.npg
  44182 4M/t17_b2_k33.npg
  43896 5M/t17_b2_k33.npg
  43877 6M/t17_b2_k33.npg
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