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Default Talk on gpuLucas at GPGPU-4 Workshop in March

I'll be presenting a short paper describing the GPU Lucas-Lehmer code I reported on last month. If anyone is in the LA area, the workshop is in conjunction with ASPLOS XVI conference; GPGPU-4 will meet Saturday, March 5.

I'm doing revisions on the paper that I'll be presenting; I'd really like to say more about the other work that's been done on GPU-based Mersenne testing; if anyone could get in touch with me (thall) at my address, I'd be grateful for more info on other systems, timing results, etc. I'll be glad to send you a copy of my current draft of the paper, and include credit for any information you provide in the final draft. Deadline is soon, however.

I'll post the final preprint shortly, and I've been removing dependencies from the code and will distribute that as well. (You can email me about that, too, if you're interested.)
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