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Two things.

It's only 6F outside right now (Delaware 6AM EST Saturday). My sisters stupid cat just wanted out for a constitutional. Good luck.

I was emailing an old friend of mine in Spirit Lake Idaho (I lived there for 6 years and will probably head back after the doctors fix my heart). A normal winter (Oct to May) would have 2-3 feet of snow constantly on the ground. They now have 23 feet. Granted thats up at 3000 ft above sea level, but thats still a lot. I wonder how my old road grader is coping. I lived in a development with 350 plots, 10 acres or more and the road committee had 26 miles of roads to maintain. We had 2 used road graders procured from the Idaho Dept of Transportation and 2 dump trucks with plows on the front. I drove one of the graders. Great fun taking out my neighbors mail boxes. If we keep getting snow like that every year, we can start our own glacier.
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