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Default GIMPS current finances

Our bank balance: ~$5000

Our current run rate:
  • ISP: $150 / month
  • bank fees: $15 / month ($0 if bal. over $7500)
Total: $2000 / yr. or 2 1/2 years cushion if no prime found, just 1 year if a new prime is found!

Consequently, the Board made the following changes to the Mersenne Research Discovery Award:
  • $100 now, $2900 later (if and when GIMPS claims the $150,000 EFF award for discovery of a 100,000,000 digit prime)
  • The Board has the option of paying the $3000 award in cash if it feels there is sufficient cash on hand.

The Board also voted to make its first concerted effort at fundraising.

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